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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Photorealism with Mental Ray - Week 03

This week we worked with a "Mirror Ball" image and the Mental Ray Matte Shader material. With the Mirror Ball, the reflections only work if the object is in the exact spot that you shot the mirror ball.(or close enough) The reflections are off in the animation but I was still happy. l like what little effect I could get right and hope to learn how to execute this properly in the future.

This is a couple of screen grabs stacked into one image so you can get a better idea of how much of the scene was really CG. As you can see the only pieces built in 3D were the ball and the plane that it interacts with through Dynamics and Raytracing

Here is the final product of the animation with Mirror Ball Environment and Matte Shader Raytrace reflections.

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Oi said...

It's great that you are using the class as inspiration to talk about things you have been learning.

The mirror ball is pretty cool. I like the video becasue i can see the words rolling back and then the changing of the light (which I assume changes from the whiter light of natural light to a yellower light which may be from the office light).

Cool stuff.