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Monday, December 29, 2008

Experiment.06. - The Drips

I don't think that watching paint flow across the screen will be very interesting. I think I'm going to drip it over a mask or an intricate object of some sort.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Experiment.05. - Wake to Trip segment

I didn't eat lunch for the third day, I will now start my own religion.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Experiment.04. - Guan Long Roar in HD

Still trying to find the best format to show video so far its a tie between's ability to show good flvs and the original quicktime or's HD video in Flash.

Hit the "Show Full Screen" button to the right of the volume meter so you can get the full experience. Let me know what you think of both the full screen player and embedded video.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Guan Long Roar

I can't find my keys?

This clip is some of the work I did, for the National Geographic website's, Dino Death trap section.

Many thanks to Kyle Gray who did the sound for this clip.

For those having trouble with the flickr video embedding, I'm trying accounts out at some new video hosting sites. I have an account at, which if I have to, I will continue to use. I dislike because the owner is a snob and an elitist. He doesn't care about your content reaching "some of the poorer nation" who's people can't afford higher bandwidth or simply the internet. He blocks his content to 165 Nations in the world who he doesn't believe he can make money off of or that the internet was not made for them. Please tell me what you like using the most. THANX-=].

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Walking HealthProgression Rough pt.02.

My tail bone is hurting me because my calf fell asleep. Why do I have a bone for a tail, when I don't need to balance on branches.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Was helping Pat out with the new APW Flyer(nov.28th). These are some of the versions we didn't use.

APW Flyer_v001

APW Flyer_v003

APW Flyer_v002

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Giraffes, Melanie and Whiplash.

Nov. 15, 2008 : The Giraffes at Mercury Lounge, Prime Motivator, record release party.
That night was like an emotion that you never want to stop feeling. Now that it has passed, you want to go back and feel it again and again, but you can't because it was only possible in that brief moment.
This band is above the rest. Going to see the Giraffes is like going to see a band like System of a Down. They don't sound the same, they are not the same, but the quality and skill of these individuals is on par with them. It is mind blowing that I only paid ten dollars to hear them. WTF?!?! I see no weakness when they play. All four members are strong and make you feel their music. I don't know if Andrew the drummer or Jens the bassist get as much recognition from fans but never sell them short because they are fucking amazing. Damien on guitars and Aaron as vocals, usually steal the show with their antics, but everyone plays/sings better than almost any Nyc band out there.

First off, I have to say Sohail is the man. He trekked all the way up from D.C. to see The Giraffes Record release party. And then the next day with a hang over, starving and sleep deprived, he went back to D.C. to do a full shift of work.

Secondly, none of the content of this blog would be here if it weren't for my girl Oi Ling Hu. Her online handle is IHugLion. She is a great photographer and one day hopefully a professional one. She took all the pictures and the video, and even though I barked at her while making Melanie she still was good to me. I wouldn't have enjoyed the night with out her. Check out Oi's Blog and her Flickr page.

If you didn't get to see The Giraffes dominate at Mercury lounge you should be able to listen to them soon on

If you didn't get to see The Giraffes dominate at Mercury lounge you should be able to listen to them soon on On a happier note has a recording of the very first time Sohail and I ever heard The Giraffes. Another bonus was that show was the only time we have ever heard them play the song "Twin Sisters" live.

The Making oF Melanie "Cum Dumpster"

It was like giving birth to a cellophane goddess.

(click on the pictures to see the entire image)

As the Giraffes started playing, I blew her up and danced around the place.

(click on the pictures to see the entire image)
We were having a wonderful time bonding as her barren crotch rubbed against my neck. Her sedated smile won the hearts of the people around her.

Then she made a play for Aaron. That slut left me high and dry.

(click on the pictures to see the entire image)
After seducing my sweet airhead, he proceeded to tear the head of that filthy whore off. If only she had lived a little longer.....naw, she talked too fucking much anyway. That little bitch, I almost popped a fucking lung blowing her up. Where’s my night of plastic filled passion now, tramp?

Disco Warts Never Sounded so Good!

(click on the pictures to see the entire image)

Andrew & Damien played perfectly. I would stop pushing and slamming into people for a random moment here and there just to pause in awe because I couldn't believe how good the band sounded that night. I felt like the sound was better there live than on their CD.

We ain't too brite.

(click on the pictures to see the entire image)

Slammed, thrown on the floor, kicked in the face .... good clean fun

(click on the pictures to see the entire image)
We slammed into people all night. I really gotta thank Sohail again. If it weren't for him pushing me into people, he would have never got his little mosh pit going and I wouldn't have had so much fun. I had a great time slamming into people, especially innocent spectators. I also want to say thanx to the crowd. That was some good clean fun. Nobody had a shit attitude and no one got upset. Everyone had a blast. No fist fights or intentional maiming of others. Sorry to all those people I head butted. I ended up wrenching my neck pretty bad and was nauseous all day Sunday and Monday.

And so he was grabbed inappropriately.

(click on the pictures to see the entire image)
Damien surfed the crowd while still playing some great riffs. Oi wanted to get other pics of the rest of the band crowd surfing, but some loud cunts smoking weed and a random dick asking her who band this was, fucked it up for her.

Andrew the Hidden Backbone

(click on the pictures to see the entire image)
Andrew needs to Gorilla hump all those shitty bands who think they can exist without a drummer and just use a beat machine. When he spits on the rest of the band its like he's inspiring them to play crazier as he beats the drums harder.

Damien on Guitar, his improvisations are so good, it depresses me.

(click on the pictures to see the entire image)
This fucking guy. I mean I don't even play guitar but if I did, I know I would never play it that well. I fucking wish I could. It must be cool being able to cook people's adrenaline by plucking your guitar.

Aaron burns himself while on mic, what an artist.

(click on the pictures to see the entire image)
Aaron was really great on stage. He sang well, he really solidifies their sound for me. When I listen on my headphones, I always think of drunken bikers in black riding through Death Valley at twilight. He took the time to burn himself and generally abuse his person. I think it touched everyone.

Fuck'em in their bloody tear duct....Aaron once said

(click on the pictures to see the entire image)

"I Fuck In Jail" the words rest firmly on the Amp behind them.

(click on the pictures to see the entire image)

Crimson's Touch

(click on the pictures to see the entire image)
Medicaid Benefit Applique' - Andrew said they would play it for the first time in Nyc for their record release show. It's one of my favorite songs. It has a really dirty sound and great mood. The last part of the piece has one of their best builds, the energy of the music evolves - the sound gets coarser, wreaking of desperate rage.

The restitution of Melanie.

(click on the pictures to see the entire image)
The band is always in great spirits. It seems they didn't mind me pleading to sign the floppy decapitated corpse of my lover. I felt it gave her some purpose or at least an end to her treacherous ways.


(click on the pictures to see the entire image)
I hate you Melanie, I fucking hate you, I love you, why did you go so willingly to your death. The hole where your head was is like the hole in my heart.

I ate her so she would stay with me always......

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tv taught me something.

I was watching PBS on a Sunday and I caught a preview of the documentry, Frontline: The War Briefing. The complete piece can be found on the PBS website. I didn't know how bad things were in Afghanistan, its so hard to keep track of what the old administration is doing. This gives you a better idea of what is really happening across the ocean, no smoke and mirrors like Fox news. 2008 was the bloodiest year in Afghanistan since the war started, and we still have the majority of our troops in Iraq, where the majority is not needed.

I'm not pro war but I'm definitely against the unnecessary loss of life. With inaccurate smart bombs, bad intelligence, undermanned and underfunded troops it seems like the negligence in Afghanistan is creating a blood bath.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Monday, October 13, 2008

Walking HealthProgression Rough

My parrot is secretly poisoning me with his feather dander and bird poop particles. It wants my chair at the dinner table, that brilliant bastard.

I'm in the process of finishing this animation right now its pretty rough. However, I think its at an interesting point to record and later reference.

Friday, October 10, 2008


The fluid in my sinuses and inner ear make me feel like i'm walking around in a giant swimming pool. I wish i could pull the plug and let all the water out.

This was an idea that I had, the video is a short sketch of that idea that never went anywhere. I still like it though, makes me feel good when I watch it.

Monday, October 6, 2008


something smells like metal and wires burning.

metal tastes interesting, you can't ever know what your really tasting.

Saturday, October 4, 2008