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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Photorealism with Mental Ray - Week 01

This was the class work from the 1st week of my on line course
"Photorealism with Mental Ray"

Here you are looking at a Spherical/Environment Map projected through the camera for the background, and then a blurred version of that map is projected onto the ball. There is a floor plane that is reflecting the sphere and has a bump to give the reflection qualities similar to the water.

Sphere Shading Group

Floor Shading Group(reflection)

Camera with Environment Map(background)

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Oi said...

The one on the water and the floor sphere look really food. Great reflections. I really like the sphere in the lobby because the details on this one are great. The shadow of the ball is on the floor and the reflection of the sphere in the floor looks on point. Seems like the class is going well.