Seriously '(O.0)'

Thursday, April 16, 2009


The product of testing different ways to do footsteps on water. I composited the man on top of the water in after effects. For the final I won't be so lazy. I'll use the rig in the scene. For now though I need a better was of manipulating the water instead of using only wake deformers. I'm also going to see If I can add a texture to the water.

a bit of a face

Sketching over Easter Holiday.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pat's Cut Out Project.01.

Project: Take images of Pat's Munny and create a cut out template like the ones from

Oi and I took a bunch of picture of Pat's Munny last weekend. We tried shooting with indoor light and a hand held flash but it didn't work to well. Oi suggested we use natural light so we set the Munny up next to a window and shot it. I put together this sample sheet of all the angles I will be using to make the cut out. The problem is to take a pictures of a round surface and flatten them so that they fit on a flat surface.

Today I built the 3D model and set it up to be textured. I used the Mario cut out from Cubeecraftube as a guide for my UV's(texturing) and final Cut out template.

The 3D Model, or the part that 3D plays in this project is really just a tool to aide me in making a better cut out. Instead of printing and testing numerous cut outs I can manipulate the texture for my 3D model because it's layout for texturing(Uv's) are fitted to the cut out template.